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A Perfect Patio Cover!”

A Perfect Patio Cover!”

Professional Installation,

Professional Installation,

“Personal Service,

“Personal Service,

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Ace Awning has built thousands of custom patio covers all over the Las Vegas valley and boasts a spot-free record with the Nevada State Contractors Board and the Better Business Bureau. In addition Ace Awning is active with our manufacturer to constantly update our products and engineering, to provide our customers with the best patio covers possible for years to come.  

 1.   Pioneered Steel reinforced cover design including

           our world famous custom contoured designs.

 2.   Angled steel beams, for maximum shade where its needed most.

 3.   Single post 12 gauge steel patio cover designs:

           Provide the most shade and great looks on only 1(one) post.

 4.   The need for large spans over pools and for view lots

           led us to create the Dual 12 and 14 Gauge steel beam engineering,

           We can now clear span up to 40’ with our latest versions.

 5.   Use of foundation set, structural steel posts with rebar

           for more strength, higher wind load ratings and sheer loads.

 6.   Dual steel engineering lead to our innovative Lattice Tree(TM)

           engineering which allows construction of large

           two(2) post freestanding structures up to 800 sq. ft.

 7.   Multiple layer steel reinforced designs allow 1000+ square foot

           covers with only two (2) or three (3) posts.

  8.   Added solid insulated systems to the Alumawood engineering as panel option.

 9.   Now added 2 and 2.5” panel options to the latest engineering.

10.  Our latest designs included solid insulated inserts in our

            custom contoured designs for the best of both worlds.

11.  Our fully insulated contoured designs put solid shade

            and rain protection where its needed most.

12.  Insulated designs using dual steel support structure

            and foundation set structural steel posts provide

            the most usable shade with the fewest posts possible.

13.  Started use of custom lattice spacing options to provide the

           most  usable lattice shade possible.

14.  This lead to the creation of the 2x3 lattice tube for maximum

           lattice shade with reduced hardware cost

15.   Added the color Latte to the Amerimax palate to match the

           latest colors used by homebuilders in the Southwest

16.   Our two tone designs add architectural interest and depth

           to our already amazing custom contoured patio covers.

17.   Our computerized designs set the standard for accuracy

           and aesthetics without any surprises when the project starts.

18.  Our latest 3-D designs provide the ultimate view of

           the aesthetics and shade that the patio cover will provide.

19.   Use of digital temperature meters to show temperature

            drop throughout the covered area, leading to better

             engineering and design for maximum efficiency.